The Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation was established in 2008. Its purpose is to build permanently endowed funds that will generate income. That income will help fill needs in our communities and enhance new projects and initiatives through annual grants.

Our funds are not the result of a single person’s or corporation’s giving but instead represent hundreds of donors who care about the Chisago Lakes area. We make your money work for The Chisago Lakes area . . . forever!

 Who manages these funds?

Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation is one of ten affiliates under the auspices and control of the St. Croix Valley Foundation. The SCVF helps communities in the St. Croix Valley set up their own foundations. They manage assets of over $30 million. For more information go to www.scvfoundation.org.

What are the benefits?

Organizations, businesses, families and individuals can leave a legacy by giving back to the community. Charitable gifts and donations are tax deductible. Donations are permanent; only the income generated is distributed. Donor advised funds allow you or your family to control your own funds (like a personal foundation). You then donate your earnings annually to causes and projects that you care about. Annual grants benefit charities, civic organizations, community development and other non-profit groups within the geographic boundaries of the Chisago Lakes School District #2144.