For Donors

Ways to Give

We make giving back to your community simple. Assets that you donate can be put into one of our funds:

The Community Fund: Benefits needs in the Chisago Lakes Area. That area is defined as the boundaries of our school district.

Fairview Lakes Home Caring and Hospice Fund: Benefits local hospice and home care needs and related projects.

Chisago Lakes School Endowment Fund: Benefits additional opportunities for students in the area of arts, academics, athletics and activities.

Calvin Djam Scholarship Fund: Scholarship fund in the memory of Calvin Djam a student at Chisago Lakes.

Lakes United Futures Fund: Benefits large area soccer organization that serves kids ages 4 to 19. Proceeds earned will be used to develop soccer fields in this area.

Where to Send Donations

Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation
PO Box 449
Lindstrom, MN 55045

Or contact a board member.

Dan Hoolihan – Chair – 651 257-2074

No Gift Is Too Big or Too Small

You have many options in making your gift in order to meet your specific charitable goals and take full advantage of the tax deductions. Gift options include:

  • Cash – Cash is the simplest and most convenient way to donate to the fund of your choice. Cash gifts qualify as a charitable contribution and are deductible in the year you make the gift.
  •  Securities – By transferring appreciated stocks or bonds to the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation you may completely avoid capital gains tax, while securing an income tax deduction for the current value of those securities. Consult your tax advisor.
  •  Real Estate – a gift of real estate yields a deduction for the full value of the property and avoids capital gains. You may be able to retain the right to live in the residence or farm, which you contribute. Consult your tax advisor.
  •  Wills and Bequests – Cash or property given through a will is usually fully deductible for inheritance tax purposes. The community foundation can also be named as the residual beneficiary of your estate or be named in a charitable remainder trust created in your will. Consult your tax advisor.
  •  Life Insurance – By naming the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy you can qualify for tax benefits. Consult your tax advisor.

Create Your Own Fund

The Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation along with the St. Croix Valley Foundation makes it quick and easy to set up your own fund. No attorney is necessary. This will leave a permanent legacy in your name. Some options include:

  • Family Foundations – These allow the donor or their family to advise who will receive annual charitable grants. You can direct grants to the charities or qualified projects that you choose.
  •  Unrestricted Funds – The donor leaves their legacy fund decisions up to the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. This allows the board to direct funds to immediate community needs.
  •  Field of Interest Funds – The donor sets up a fund that caters to their own charitable interests such as the arts, health, education, environment or human services. The foundation board makes grants from these funds to support appropriate projects or organizations within the donors prescribed areas of interest.
  •  Designated Funds – The donor designates the charitable organizations to support at the time the fund is established. Scholarship funds fall into this category. If the charitable organization ceases to exist or changes its charitable status in the future, the board of directors selects an alternative charitable use of the designated fund that is compatible with the donor’s original purpose.

Chisago Lakes Alumni Room

In 2010 the Chisago Lakes Area Community Foundation created an Alumni Room in the Chisago Lakes High School. This room celebrates the rich history of education in the Chisago Lakes area. Memorabilia has been donated commemorating the country schools, Chisago City High School, Chi HI High School, Taylors Falls High School, the Chisago Lakes Trojan era and our current Chisago Lakes Wildcats. Additional donations of school memorabilia are always welcome.  Contact LouAnn Mattson at 651-257-6270.  Financial contributions and memorial donations for the School Endowment Fund are recognized in the Alumni Room.